Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Moment

Being in the moment.  That's what life is about.

It's been a long, hard haul to come up with that belief.  Nearly a full 56 years worth of haul.  Quite frankly, it needn't have been that long.  I'll leave rhapsodizing on that for another entry, though.

I just woke up with the phrase.  It is a portion of the answer to one of my most important questions in life -- what is the meaning of life?  (Personally, previous to this I had always latched onto "42" as being the answer to that question.)
Being in the moment.  That's what life is about.
With all the dichotomies; all the things that don't make sense; all the idiocies; all the atrocities -- all the crap I've observed -- being alive has never made any sense to me.

Quite frankly, it still doesn't in many ways, yet I now feel that sense of knowing ... that moment many of us seek -- a feeling of security in oneself; a feeling of freedom; a feeling of knowing myself.  Concomitantly,  my *purpose for being here* has been resolved in my mind.

A flash of insight.  An epiphany. A moment of being in the flow. Whatever you want to call it.

Being in the moment is where I feel powerful, whole, balanced and harmonious.

Feeling and sensing are integral to being in the moment.

I haven't managed being in the moment often.  It's been trained out of me.  However, the one thing I -- and you -- always have is choice.

Choice, that's a big deal.  One of the things you can do with it is choose to be here, now.

The only way to be in the moment is to choose to do so.

Have you ever truly walked to the beat of your own drummer?

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