Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brainstorm! Wanna help?

I am beyond impressed.

Apply this man’s speech to homelessness.  Apply it to anything you advocate for.  Go ahead, substitute the phrase that evokes passion in you for the phrases Patch Adams uses that describe his visions — can you hear it?

What is your ideal practice?

In sore need of encouragement today I came across this YouTube clip moments ago on (Patch Adams, M.D. & Gesundheit! Institute), moments ago.

Again, I am beyond impressed.  I feel motivated.  I feel patted on the back by a kindred soul.  Something I needed intensely.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Hate

The front of
my new personal
calling card. ::grin::
Oh joy!  I get to play my jester card on … myself!  ::chortle::

I hope I was not as sick-looking as I was feeling yesterday a little after noon-thirty.

So gung ho was I feeling at the beginning of my day, I thought to myself, “Self, we’ve got a lot of energy this morning, we can do this!”

Phlbbffssstttt!        Fail!
That’s not to say, my morning didn’t go well.  It did.  I made a long trek to get my Disabled EZPass.
I made it through a get together with a friend I don’t see often in person.

There was also the coloring to finish the design of my new personal calling card.  I LIKE having a calling card to hand out, I feel like one of the big kids!  Plus my card is a playful one, so hopefully any person I hand it to will get a chuckle.  That’s a big plus to me.

And then there was the moment when my physical energy hit a wall that leaped out of nowhere ...