Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A picture of a Hawk In Flight
Photo of red-tailed hawk in flight by Bob MacInnes,
posted with Creative Commons Attribute

Do you see yourself as much less than you really are?

Do you draw your energy from others rather than from the center of your being?

Do you find yourself with the indigstible? What someone else wants you to swallow?

Are you like me? Have you forgotten that within the framework of the world we seek our own path, realize our own path, and find our own fulfillment?

My entire life I have been taught: pretend to be something other than what I am.

I believe it is time to see with clarity.

I believe it is time to wake up and notice what is really happening instead of allowing my self to be hidden or, denied.

Terrifying as it is to present our true self and ideas, the *time* is here and *now* is the moment.

Care to join me?

What is your image of yourself?