Sunday, February 26, 2012

You are ...

This is floating around Facebook walls,
I don't know who created it:
but kudos to them!
And yeah, I'd have said,
"Holy Joie de Vivre Batman!"
not "Holy Shit",
yet still -- it's a great pinup!
You are important.

You have value.

You have worth.

You make a difference.

You are inherently significant.

Three questions for you:

1) Do you say these things to your self?
2) Do you say these things to the people around you?

3) What if you did … and meant it?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

THANK YOU and Shelene Bryan

All right ... I wanted to have a lot more done for today.  It's not gonna happen.  This is a time when I truly wish I had already transformed the danged CFS symptoms that have made a visit to my life.

Today is a very special day for me.

For a number of reasons.

It's Groundhog Day.
It's a seasonal day of celebration for a number of disciplines and belief systems.

As a Shaman this day is the time in the season cycles of the known world where I celebrate the hidden potentialities that are transformed into the visible.

A youngster in me celebrates "National Baby Clam Day" which I always declare on 2/2.  You have to have grokked BC or was it Pogo (dang I cannot remember which one it is right now) in the days of newspaper daily black and white and Sunday colorful comics.

And a huge reason I wanted to have accomplished more for today (ie. the re-vamping of my website -- not yet accomplished to include my current goals and endeavors; a homemade graphic, video and spoken word piece that haven't yet manifested) is to say the THANK YOU I am using this blogpost for.