Thursday, February 2, 2012

THANK YOU and Shelene Bryan

All right ... I wanted to have a lot more done for today.  It's not gonna happen.  This is a time when I truly wish I had already transformed the danged CFS symptoms that have made a visit to my life.

Today is a very special day for me.

For a number of reasons.

It's Groundhog Day.
It's a seasonal day of celebration for a number of disciplines and belief systems.

As a Shaman this day is the time in the season cycles of the known world where I celebrate the hidden potentialities that are transformed into the visible.

A youngster in me celebrates "National Baby Clam Day" which I always declare on 2/2.  You have to have grokked BC or was it Pogo (dang I cannot remember which one it is right now) in the days of newspaper daily black and white and Sunday colorful comics.

And a huge reason I wanted to have accomplished more for today (ie. the re-vamping of my website -- not yet accomplished to include my current goals and endeavors; a homemade graphic, video and spoken word piece that haven't yet manifested) is to say the THANK YOU I am using this blogpost for.

THANK YOU will have to be adequate because it's what I've got right now.

I strongly urge you ... whether you are of faith or not to go to this page and donate heavily.

It is -- now let me tell you why I want you to take this action.

Of the two people -- other than my therapist (which actually makes three) who have done the most in life for me -- EVER, the founder of has made it possible for me to bring my message to you.

Shelene Bryan, thank you for being you, and for putting your heart and soul into
This is Shelene Bryan:

Without the large heart; the nurturing sprit; the willingess of this woman to put her money where her mouth is; the sheer triumph of love by this woman willing to put her foundation into the middle of the fray to bring humane-ness back to the social community we call humanity ... I would not be housed.

I was housed a year ago today, after having been on the streets homeless for 8 months.  It was not the only time I have been physically homeless.  It was hopefully the last time I was (or will be) physically homeless.  Although one never can say.  Because homelessness can strike anyone for a number of reasons.

Two people are responsible for it ... My being housed.  The other one will go unmentioned here, because they know how grateful I am, and that person will take no umbrage at my post today being solely focused on  I know them ... they have a large heart too.

This is a short post for me, because the most important words are these:

Thank you and Shelene Bryan.  Without the continued generosity of human spirit, love, and deep skipping you do ... I would not be able to pass on my talent and skills to my peers still on the streets.

This is a day of celebration for me and always has been.  It also coincides with the date 2/2/11 that you, Shelene Bryan and, took me off the homeless streets and put me into housing.

I am asking all my friends, foes, and anyone who knows me to THANK YOU, verbally and if they can to thank with a donation of money.  Whether they have the ability to do so, I cannot control, so please accept this from me ... because it is what I have to give:

Without you, Shelene Bryan, and you -- I wouldn't in a position to pass along my message and to convince people to transform abuse and homelessness (among other things).  This is the message I'm passing along -- without you this would not have happened nor this: Rd Plasschaert

THANK YOU Shelene Bryan and -- May you prosper, grow and thrive.

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