Saturday, September 8, 2012

Change Yourself, Change the World

My gosh!
This is when that shirt wasn't faded!
Must be ... uhm ...
20 years ago?
How have I changed?
Being ensconced in shelters, food banks, poverty assistance programs, as a user;

Observing the same systems as an advocate;

Pondering the systems I was brought up in, or, more truthfully had to survive through from infancy thru major portions of adulthood;

As my voice grows to its full timber, character, and expression, I find myself looking for ways-and-means to alter ... transform ... change what I perceive to be unhealthy, unbalanced, and not-working in my communities.

My strongest belief is "if I keep doing things the same way, expecting different results, I am crazy-making."

A question that occurs, is "How many times do you try something before concluding it's crazy-making?"

Monday, September 3, 2012

Did You Ask Yourself "What do I believe?"

So! What questions have you been asking yourself about your beliefs?

What beliefs did you examine?

What did you discover about why you came to believe things?

I promised you some of my answers so we can play this game together.

I believed I knew where I was going with this when I started the first piece oh so many weeks ago.