Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Hate

The front of
my new personal
calling card. ::grin::
Oh joy!  I get to play my jester card on … myself!  ::chortle::

I hope I was not as sick-looking as I was feeling yesterday a little after noon-thirty.

So gung ho was I feeling at the beginning of my day, I thought to myself, “Self, we’ve got a lot of energy this morning, we can do this!”

Phlbbffssstttt!        Fail!
That’s not to say, my morning didn’t go well.  It did.  I made a long trek to get my Disabled EZPass.
I made it through a get together with a friend I don’t see often in person.

There was also the coloring to finish the design of my new personal calling card.  I LIKE having a calling card to hand out, I feel like one of the big kids!  Plus my card is a playful one, so hopefully any person I hand it to will get a chuckle.  That’s a big plus to me.

And then there was the moment when my physical energy hit a wall that leaped out of nowhere ...

Okay, what actually happened was my physical energy got run over by a Mack truck.

Oh, all right.  The truth is, I didn’t realize I had reached the end of my rope.

::snort:: gimme a moment, I’m a word-smith, I can come up with more cliches. ::grin::

Seriously,  at the moment, it was all I could do to grab a little, out of the way table at an eatery and huddle over it. Stuffing my little face with food I hoped would affect my system somewhat quickly, since there was no where to curl up and take a nap.

While I was waiting to see how long it would take to rebuild enough energy to get home, a person I was trying to meet with came by to check on me.

There were a ton of things I was feeling at that moment. Coherent was not one of them.

See, there’s this project I’m brainstorming right now—along with upcoming deadlines for pitching it to a larger audience than the five folks who usually listen to me. The opportunity to brainstorm, in person, was all important to me.

I couldn’t get a clear stream of words out of my mouth, so I was absolutely lucky my cohort was just getting a visual on me and didn’t really have time for a prolonged chat. I waved them onto their next meeting and waited for my energy to regroup.

I don’t like feeling like an idiot in front of someone I want to respect me.

How about you?


Yeah, I thought so.

Fortunately, the person I faded out on (another way of saying “I ran out of spoons”) is an understanding soul and will meet with me at another time.

Before that, I spent two hours with a friend that was priceless.

Before that I got my bus pass.

I can diss myself for misjudging my physical limits which fluctuate daily, or I can love myself for giving my day my best.

Since I am an advocate of No Abuse/No Hate, the choice is clear. I choose to love myself for giving my day my best.

What if we all gave ourselves the same understanding and compassion we give others?

Love yourself, it spills over to how you view anything.

It's a small step, an easy one for some, more challenging for others.

No Hate ... it's not just to be externally directed.  It's for ourselves as well.

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