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Dances the upside down Woodstock Flitter - Go Snoopy!

Apparently, I miscounted, for when I compiled everything from Scrivener I had a whopping amount of words over 50,000 for the month of November.

I state proudly for my record, I was a NaNoWriMoRebel -- that means and I quote from the NaNoWriMo forums:

"You're writing a memoir, a script, a nonfiction book about turtles or something else that's not a novel. You're a NaNoRebel, baby! Converse with your fellow outlaws here."

So, no, not all the words are for the same piece.

Each person enters NaNoWriMo for their own reasons, and NaNoWriMo supports each entrant whether they are a rebel or not -- nonjudgmentally, with verve, enthusiasm, and sincere encouragement.  I entered NaNo at the last minute in October when a huge number of things were going awry and presenting me with undesired circumstances.

The growth, self-esteem, reclaiming of power, and personal therapy that went on during this frenzy of writing was phenomenal.

If you've been reading my blogposts, or listening to me in person, you've heard me repeat and morph a phrase ad nauseum:  Performance and Expression Artist   Chances are you'll read it in my posts and hear me say it for awhile more, while I use an age old technique of repetition to firmly settle in my way of being, the new lifestyle, I've chosen for myself.

That alone is worth the price of admission to participate in and finish NaNoWriMo.

And next month, I will be diverting $25 of my precious disability check toward the way cool "Unisex shirt that is printed on the chinchilla-soft, dark heather gray, American Apparel 50/50 T-shirt," so I can say, "I visited NaNoWriMo and look what I came back with!" ::grin::

I personally wrote for these reasons:

Synopsis Tab on my NaNo profile:

Actually, I'm going whole hog. I'm writing 4 [edit note:  I worked on 5] pieces at the same time. Sure you can call me foolhardy, it's a name that fits well! :) However ... I'm that kind of fool!

"The Fey" is a fantasy novel.

"Homeless Chronicles: and other visions of lost awareness" has morphed into a One-Woman-Performance Piece! Wowzerz! I still stand with "You may think a bad circumstance is just that - BAD -- I'm here to tell you, it's not so ... out of a very bad circumstance today, I found the title for this piece. Any given circumstance presents at least one opportunity, often more." And the excerpt below is still valid for the print edition (brick and mortar; and/or e-bound).

"Little Stories" is a collection of shorter writings on whatever subject flutters my whimsy at a given moment.

"Movement and Energy" non-fiction, a how-to manual on energy motion in the body/mind/spirit -- includes things like t'ai chi ch'uan, chi kung, and other forms of energy work/play.

Yes, I am ... proudly ... a NaNoWriMo rebel.

The Excerpt tab from my NaNo profile

Excerpt from "The Fey" not yet available.

Excerpt from "Homeless Chronicles: and other visions of lost awareness"
Did you know that has a “Top Ten Homeless Books” List? I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, yet there I was, opened mouthed, blinking in astonishment.

There’s a 2-volume encyclopedia; sociological and anthropological studies/commentaries; ideas and concepts for ending it; and profiles of those experiencing homelessness.

People are divided on homelessness. What to do about it. How to view those involved in it. How to deal with those who are homeless. And most importantly for my peers, how to deal with it when it's what you face in this moment.

Why would *you* want to read a book about it?

• Because you are curious.
• Because you are/are about to be/have been homeless.
• Because you know someone who is/is about to be/has been homeless.
• Because you choose to be aware and informed.
• Because you have chosen (or choose to act on the feeling of being drawn) to be an advocate.
• Because you are a creative individual and know that defining something is key to transforming it.

Back to this post -- Success is not defined by how big of a thing you accomplish -- sometimes success is simply being able to get out of bed in your morning.  And, yes, sometimes it's huge.

We are moving through the season (in the Northern Hemisphere) where the cold of the ground and the long dark of the days spark the seeds to become ready to grow.

Your success is a seed, give it the nourishment it needs to thrive.

Take a moment, look at yourself in the mirror -- actually look, with love -- and smile at yourself.  You have succeeded at something.

For instance this morning, I succeeded in writing this blog post.  And, in the future today, I will succeed at going to Group Stress Management and Group Family Relations and Individual Therapy, while tonight I will succeed at going to Creative Writing Class -- all at an emergency shelter that continues to support me even though I am housed 4-6 cities (depending on the public transportation route one takes) away from it.

Take a moment to register your success in your awareness.  No matter your circumstance, you have succeeded at something, and that something ... regardless of its apparent size to the outside world, is HUGE in your world.  It is the cornerstone of your next step.

Come, walk with me ... let's bask in the warmth, glow, and comfort of nourishing ourselves.

We are the champions, my friends.

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