Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am in love

I am in love.

Totally unexpected.

Thoroughly surprising.


No, it’s not with a person.  Well, if you consider me a person, yes, it’s with a person.  In a sense, I am in love with myself.

As I re-establish the parts of myself that have been dissociated and that have protected me during all these years of my survival … yes, on that level … I am in love with multitudes of persons.  (You’d have to be privy to my therapy sessions to truly understand that! ::grin:: Just take my word for it.)

I’m in love with a product that is allowing me to utilize a skill I "love" and happen to be brilliant at … word-crafting.  Part of my artistry is my ability to put together words to evoke the sensations I envision.

I’m in love with writing.  I’m in love with having four projects going on at once … all on differing subjects.  Generating neither the feeling of being stuck, nor the feeling of “there’s something else I’d rather be doing”.

I love the feeling of progress I’m making on the book I tried to start a year ago when I was homeless and on the streets.  It now has a title, and you are reading one of the scene drafts that may or may not be included in it’s finality.  It now has a dedication to four of the most important people in my life.

I am in love with succeeding at being a rebel in NaNoWriMo.

I am in love with the fact that this success — whether or not anyone else sees it as a success, will eventually pave the way for me to have what I need to be a physical, on the street, in the field advocate for my peers still on the streets — those who are living homeless and want to change it.

I am in love with the fact … the fact I have proven for myself, that no matter the circumstance, you can view it as an opportunity.

All of this I share with you.

Because, as I’ve said before … we learn from illustration.  You may not learn what I learn, but the fact that I am brave enough to express it may motivate you to learn something equally important to you.

Here’s to you.  Here’s to love.  Here’s to our goals.

Believe in yourself.

Love yourself and what you do.

Again, trust me.  It’s worth it.

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