Friday, November 25, 2011

#NaNoWriMo Write-In and The Grinch! Holy Cow!

Vroman's Pasadena 11-26-11 -- Tomorrow is gonna be ROCKIN'!
Special Holiday storytime featuring The Grinch!  10:AM
NaNoWriMo Write-in 9:30am - 12:30pm
Come on NaNoWriMos!

Whether you are going to make the 50K words or NOT!  Whether you are a Rebel or a “Proper”!

This (despite all the trials and tribulations that invariably happen to me in November) has been the most tremendous November of my life and I wanna see all you NaNoWriMo people in my area!

I want to breath the same air you are breathing and bask in the creativity, expression, and passion for being that exudes from you.

All I can give you in return is one of my crooked smiles, but I tell you now, I've got plenty of  them, and tomorrow is gonna ROCK!

On top of the write-in that is being touted, they will have at 10:AM THE GRINCH at their holiday storytime (and YES!  I will have my trusty Fidget and Widget with me to have someone take a photo of me with The Grinch!)!  I'm not missing that!  Spoken-word storytellers, whether reading or telling are part of my lifeblood and this is gonna be a DAY!

I’m going to finish the 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo!  ::jumps up and down, twirling in the air and on the ground::

I’m doing it as a NaNoWriMoRebel.

It has been worth every laugh I’ve laughed, every tear I’ve shed, every growl I’ve growled as I moved toward my goal.

Admittedly not a NaNoWriMo proper goal — not working on one novel for 50,000 words.

My goal was simply, write 50,000 words on any of the 5 various subjects I set up.

In the process I have written one small piece on friendship I am so proud of it’s on my blog, with one of my crayon drawings.  And it will be a performance piece as I present in spoken-word in the future.

In the process I have morphed the reason I tried NaNoWriMo last year when I was homeless and  failed — to write something that would be an extension of my Homelessness Advocacy. That project has transformed into something spectacular in my life, and a taking of a job title. Well some people  would call it a job title.  I call it a life style: Performance Artist.

Also in the process I have met up with a wonderful journalist and creative writing guide.

In the process I have taken a drastic health situation and re-framed it into something that would not have happened without the health situation I’m attempting to turn around because I didn’t have the guts to let go of everything else in my world to go for my dreams.

In the process I have lived more in this almost complete 30 days of November (we’re actually on day 25 at the moment) than I have in a lifetime.

But I digress — I will have the 50,000 words by 8:pm Pacific Time November 29.

To celebrate that I am going for an outing tomorrow.  I will be exhausted by the end of it, that’s a given … and you know what?

Bring it ON!

I’m going to be on buses and trains one way for about 2 hours.  That’s 4 hours of round-trip travel time.  I'm preparing for it by resting all of today.

I say again, Bring it ON!

I will be at the NaNoWriMo Write-in from 9:30am-12:30PM at Vroman’s Bookstore to be with others like me:Those writing, those celebrating, those enmeshed with their life this November.

I’m celebrating the 50,000 words; my birthday this month, the fact that I was born in Pasadena, lived in Altadena/Pasadena for the majority of my life; and frequented Vroman’s as if it was my first home when I lived in the area.

Let’s ROCK IT at Vromans!

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