Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looking for something in which your actions make a difference?

There are tons of things in which you can make your voice heard.

It doesn't take much research on the internet to find so many organizations you become overloaded by the sheer need in the world.

No matter what condition you are in, your voice counts.

So .. just in case you're caught in that overwhelm and are seeking a fine organization to take action with, consider:

Voice for the Animals.

I've always belived fund raising to be awareness raising.  And I've done a lot of it (fundraising and awareness raising that is) -- my heart is mostly into ecological and animal causes.

Billy the Elephant is a good cause in my heart.  If you don't have money, but feel it's a good cause, volunteer your time. If you're one of the lucky ones who have a bit of coin, here's an event you might want to attend:

The point of this post?  No matter what condition you are in, your voice counts.  Your actions count.  Bring your focus to something.  Make a difference.


  1. I have a barn owl nest in my backyard and became reacquainted with a great organization dedicated to saving wildlife in the San Fernando Valley after two owlings fell from their perch: Valley Wildlife Care:

  2. Careerguyd -- nifty website -- I'm going to add a correction to the URL as typed ... 'cause I copy and pasted and it didn't quite work for me.

    Gorgeous pic on the page of the avian.


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