Friday, July 16, 2010

Homelessness -- what can you do?

I was taking a break from my current situation (giving up the last of all my belongings; meditating to stay sane in an insane world; and wondering if there's ever truly going to be a time when I will be and do the things I dream of) watching The Sacred Blacksmith, an anime series on hulu.

Yes -- those from any walk of life with whatever disaster they are facing need time away from it, time to simply chill. So if you are facing something that is grievous, remember to take that time for yourself.

Do not deny yourself that time.  (Now off my soapbox onto my reason for writing at this moment.)

If you visit you know they run commercials (10 seconds to a bit longer) in their offerings.

Anyway, the commercial they ran was for this:

National Coalition for the Homeless

So ... if you are involved with homelessness -- from any aspect ... know of that possible resource.

Know also from my experience, I was aware that my homelessness was impending and have tried for months to find assistance.

The heinous-ness of the situation is: each agency I've approached has told me I cannot be helped unless I am already homeless, with no walls to protect me, no food to eat, and no where to go.

The hope that is expressed about prevention at this website is not something I can share with you.

But if the site gives something to try to you or a point to start some kind of action, whether you are the:

... one who is homeless
... the friend or acquaintance of someone who is homeless, and you  feel helpless and don't believe you can do anything to help
... person working in *the system* who feels overwhelmed and helpless

then use it.

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