Friday, July 2, 2010

A List of Books I find Memorable

What we value -- have you ever thought that what we value is, itself, a form of communication?

We are always communicating something, I said that outloud when I was way young.

No one liked it then, in fact, I was severely reprimanded for saying it. Even as I look back on that today, I don't understand why I was chastized to the point of never saying it aloud again...

... to me it's an obvious truth, we are always communicating.

Many people either are not aware of, or have forgotten that communication is not simply a series of words coming out of your mouth or your keyboard.

Communication is a huge issue for me, and I'll be typing up articles revolving around it often.

We communicate in myriad ways -- from sounds to movement; from the way we choose to present ourselves in adornment to the way we choose to entertain ourselves; from the mundane to the mystical.

Yet many of the people in the civilization I live in often fool themselves that communication is only done by words.

None of us values exactly the same thing in exactly the same way, though often we find ties to those around us who place value, in their own way, on the same thing.

What we consider to have value changes as we change, so a list like the one I'm making now could be the same or different at any given moment.

These are some books I find of value:

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