Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anywhere But Here: Hi

Have time for an interesting read?

Anywhere But Here: Hi

You may note that her blog began in December of 2008 and is still ongoing as of this month (July 2010).

There is a survival strategy some of the homeless are using to obtain monies I've seen it twice now on blogs I come across. You can see it in use on her site (look at the donation button on the blog).

ABC news pointed an article at her blog Campbell teen blogs about homelessness (actually an article and 2 videos, along with a video by NBC, a Mercury News article and a Cypress Times article - as listed in links on the Anywhere But Here website).

What are your thoughts?

I strongly urge you, no matter what "issue" is close to your heart to take 5 minutes and consider taking some small action for whatever that issue is ... it doesn't have to be an earth-shattering action, simply an action.  And then, follow up with another small action the next day, and the next and the .... Well, okay if that seems daunting, stay with one action ... you can make a difference.

In other words, be an activist.


  1. One of my favorite reads is Travels With Lizbeth, by Lars Eighner, a biographical account of homelessness. When i taught high school English, I would often have my students read an excerpt to help them them understand homelessness beyond the stereotype, and to reflect on how much in their lives is taken for granted.

  2. Thanks for the comment Careerguyd! I'm glad to have the info! I hope that anyone who finds this post will be glad as well.

    I didn't expect to have internet service tonight, and so am doubly glad to be able to have accepted your comment.

    Good journeys.


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