Monday, September 5, 2011

Whew! Looks like I'm back online!

Electronics Mascots


Can't say the 9 hours I've spent today testing apps working together has been the way I wanted to spend the day.

Nor have the multitudes of hours/days during the past 6 weeks been pieces of cake -- testing, checking and verifying that my technical units are functioning the way they've been touted; along with recovering bits and pieces of stuff that was buried.

In a way, it's very similar to the rest of my life. ::grin:: In this past 13 months, I've been doing with my life and communications what I've been doing with the electronics I use. Testing, checking and verifying that the pieces of my self are functioning; and recovering bits and pieces of stuff that was buried.


Tomorrow, I look forward to logging on for more than a few minutes into my social media tools.

FaceBook seems to be interfacing fine with my security app and playing nicely in the sandbox.

However HootSuite (while it works on my laptop) is throwing mudpies at me on both of the mobile units. I may have to look for something else, even though HootSuite certainly makes following a conversation so much easier than most of the dashboards I've looked at.

Anyone have words of wisdom on their favorite Social Media dashboard? Needs to be free or very low cost for me to step into it. Needs to include Twitter (multiple accts LostAwareness & studio_rd), FB (multiple pages my own and my aegis "studio rd"), LinkedIn, FourSquare.

I am still having issues with my ISP. However, I'm not going to hold off any longer to come back online 'cuz of that since I now have the wording to deal with them. It comes down to packet loss, if I'm grasping the concepts.

There will most likely be a few hiccups, however, I believe the combo of mobile units will carry me through the hiccups.

Why should this be of any interest to you?


Well, to most of you it won't be. However, those that hold me near and dear (there are, oh, maybe a handful ::chortle:: ) know to keep track of me via my postings either on the blog, FB, Twitter or LinkedIn and thru e-mail.

So, I lift my glass of Hazelnut Non-Dairy Beverage to you all, gleefully downing all the wondrous Vitamin A-E goodness of it, wishing you all "Cheers!" as I prepare to say hello once again in that glorious realm we call "Social Media".

Good thing I don't eat cake. :)

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