Friday, September 30, 2011

DoOver Week?

Why Not?
Yes, that was
the cat's name
This week did not go as I had hoped it would.

Between a waffling flu-ish grippe; an allergic reaction to some unknown substance kicking in during the middle of the week; and my hand deciding to go absolutely banana bonkers painwise -- I've missed 3 very important events; and will miss a fourth tomorrow.

Getting up to blow my nose was truly an effort.  Now, I can snuffle my little honker with the best of the chirplers.  Yeah, that was more fun to say than, "Now, I can walk into the bathroom and blow my nose like anybody else."

Out of every circumstance opportunity presents itself.  I've made the most of my opportunity to doing nothing other than rest and cogitate -- both without feeling guilty.

Serious questions have been cobbling about on the passage ways of my mind lately:


The opportunity from being side-lined for yet another week is being able to explore my thoughts and how I want to act on them in the world.

I have an agenda.  I expect people to treat each other with respect.

The overwhelming amount of the time they do not.

"How on Earth, do I go about stopping abuse in the human race?"
Problem is:  if a person wasn't taught to respect them self, they've got literally no clue how to respect others.

When communication is bludgeoning, punitive, or pejorative -- abuse is being perpetrated.

When communication is non-judgmental and balanced with listening and clarifying -- respect is being fostered.

Words are a tool.  Behavior is a tool.  Just like any other tools they can be used as weapons.  Does the weapon kill or the wielder of the weapon?

We learn how to be human from the words and actions of people around us, no matter our age.

The way you act, and the words you use are what you teach.

Do the words and behavior you use reflect the legacy you wish to  leave the world?

Are you who you want to be?

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