Sunday, September 25, 2011

Small Actions Create Large Ripples

Ascencia (formerly known as PATHAchieve Glendale) has Breaking News constantly.

They continue to ROCK in how they serve the homeless community with a new volunteer: Lori Kozlowski.

On Wednesday evenings, Lori brings a Creative Writing Workshop to Ascencia's clients.

#WellnessWednesdays at Ascencia during the day are already one of the uplifting efforts @AscenciaCA brings to their clients with Stress Management Group & Family/Interpersonal Relationships Group.

The Creative Writing Workshop is an hour program on Wednesday evenings for those in the emergency shelter.  Each Wednesday meeting will be a different exploration.

Lori is adept at making the sessions function both as stand-alone takeaways and as a series at the same time.  This means attendees can get full satisfaction from attending only once, or experience their growth attending the series over their entire stay at Ascencia.

As well, for those participants who feel more comfortable writing at a computer than using pen and paper, flash drives are being donated to the project. {Blatant Request Alert! ::grin:: If you'd like to donate used flash drives to this project and aren't in the immediate vicinity to drop them off at the Ascencia office, please feel free to mail them via, who also supports Lori's volunteer effort.}

Writers in the workshop have the opportunity for their pieces to be published online.  The Executive Director of a prominent non-profit organization has taken a keen interest in this program and made the offer to provide that space.   I can't wait to share that exciting bit of news with you, once it's finalized!

I'm stoked!  This is what happens when small actions are taken.  AWESOME doesn't even begin to cover it!

I encourage you to take small actions in your local community.  It's how large ripples are created.

Peace out, mes amis!

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