Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brice, Guest Chefs ROCK!

Brice, I'm way too verbose to be able to respond to your tweet on Twitter today!  ::grin:: 140 characters is great, but I need more!

"@lostawareness @PATHAchieve what can we bring for the new mama Sunday night when we guest chef?"

The new mama is one of PATHAchieve's current housing successes!  When she leaves the hospital with her babies, they have a great little home to go to!

I cannot truly answer your question, but I can share with you that checking with @PATHAcheive would be a great way for you to get an answer, as the shelter's awesome team facilitated getting my fellow group member to the hospital yesterday.

Between all the staff at @PATHAchieve, and a gentleman shelteree whom the new mama trusts -- all  the coordination and connecting loose ends were handled brilliantly.

By the way ... Brice, I want to share with you, how important the guest chefs are to those of us who are (some of my friends) or have been (me and some of my other friends) in emergency shelter.  That one meal a day is a huge boone!

The time and effort you and your colleagues put into obtaining and donating the food, serving it and providing smiles to everyone taking shelter in that space is deserving of the loudest thank you's!

So, from a previous shelteree:


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