Sunday, May 13, 2012

What are you celebrating?


Sometimes it is tuff keeping in focus.

I'm wildly flailing for my sword-in-the-stone.

Yesterday had some sweet moments and some horrid moments.

The upshot of it all is today it's a bit more effort on my part to pick up and go on.

Another day it will be easier.  Today?

Well, this morning I do a number of things to recognize, deal with, and move on, from the horrid moments. 

I breathe, do t'ai chi, chi kung, and use techniques from myriad sources to remind me of my "power."

I play the "Remember?" game.
I remember who my role models are.

Real people, like Patch Adams; Laura Archera Huxley; Henry David Thoreau;  and imaginary people like Captain Jack Sparrow (the original movie, not the others);

Then I use a song to propel me into the rest of my day.

There's more than one reason I keep a blog.

It's primary purpose is not to inform others -- that's only an auxiliary purpose.

It's primary purpose is to remind me of "myself" when I feel overwhelmed by circumstances.  When I have trouble remembering my prime directive -- we always have choice on our attitude and perception regarding a circumstance.

Therefore, at this moment, I use all the tools available to me to choose to fully recognize, grieve and release the horrid moments of yesterday.  It doesn't change what happened, however, it does give me the "wiggle room" I need to make today the best day of my life so far, and then tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and then ... ::grin::

Today is Mother's Day.  I celebrate Mother Earth -- she is the ship I travel through this plane on.  She is the ground beneath my feet.  She offers me the sky and stars to reach for.  She provides me with the air to breath, food to eat, and circumstances to partake.

Teach your children well -- for they will teach others what you've taught them.

May your day contain moments of joy, delight, comfort, and play.

Me?  Today I'm going to two puppet workshops for an upcoming festival next week that a friend alerted me last month.

I'm celebrating this day.  This moment.  This breath.

What, or who, are you celebrating?

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