Thursday, May 3, 2012

May I? (cool activities near LA in May)

Heartbroken not to be going to Ren Faire yet again, this year due to lack of funds, especially with the BudWeiser Clydesdales being there this Saturday, May 5 ONLY from 1-3pm --


There are other places for those of us with little- to no-coin in our pockets!

And to these I will be going.  This is the first month I'll be participating in a number of things, despite the silliness of my darned CFS symptoms.  Whoot!  See ya there?

For instance:

Walking Tours:

This Saturday, is the Walking Tour of El Pueblo Historic Monument with the Studio for Southern California History

My favs from Los Angeles Visionaries Association (LAVA), in particular Richard Schave, are facilitating a Union Rescue Mission Walking Tour: 121 years on Skid Row from 5:pm - 6:30pm

YES! The Union Rescue Mission that assists so many of my peers experiencing homelessness.  The very same!

Spirit and drumming:

True, my hand is a definite setback, but if nothing else, I can sway and stamp my feet!)

This is after all, an opportunity to partake in a workshop with Miranda Rondeau!  I'll be at the intro class as it's my first time in a drumming workshop since I lost the consistent use of my left arm.  Whoooot!

Art and social fun:

Next Sunday there are 2 free workshops for families at the McGroarty Arts Center (I'm going as a child-like adult) to help youngsters prepare for the:

5/19/12 Saturday  "LA Celebrates Puppetry 2012 at McGroarty Arts Center

Spoken Word Storytellers ::grin::

Yes, I do lay it on thick for this. It's one of the few SoCal spoken word storyteller groups I can get close to from my current residence.  Both listeners and tellers are welcome.

It's a big deal to me, even though it's a very small group.

If you're interested in spoken word storytelling, connect with me if you're going to be in the area, the gentleman who runs this group always welcomes listeners and tellers! A spoken word tale needs both tellers and listeners.

San Gabriel Valley Storytellers (SGV Storytellers) at one of Pasadena Branch Libraries.

And there you have it -- a few things to check out.

So tell me, what's interesting to you this month?

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