Thursday, April 26, 2012

VAWA - Violence Against Women Act , 2012

Victims of violence and abuse deserve protection--regardless of their ethnicity, immigration status or sexual orientation. Let your congress-person know you want the Violence Against Women Act passed!

Violence and Abuse is not gender specific.
Violence and Abuse is not culturally specific.
Violence and Abuse is not to be tolerated.

Because the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) has language regarding same-sex partners, illegal immigrant escapers from abuse, and empowering American-Indian tribal authorities to prosecute abuses alleged to have happened on their reservations, it has become a "hot-item".

Even though it will supposedly get passed today, after months of flap-doodle and foohferrah it is still worth your time and action to express your viewpoint to your elected representative.

The resolution is simple:

How to contact your Senators:

How to contact your House Representative:

Here is some background:

From The White House Blog, "Strengthening the Violence Against Women Act".

The Hotline, "10 Years of Progress and Moving Forward"

The Washington Post, "Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act"

The New York Times, "Women Figure Anew in Senate's Latest Battle"

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