Friday, May 25, 2012

I can do *that*!

If you are a:
  • social services provider,
  • advocate,
  • teacher,
  • parent,
  • friend,
  • educator,
  • trainer,
  • workshop facilitator,
  • motivational facilitator,
  • life coach,
  • any kind of coach,
  • volunteer,
  • fundraiser,
  • leader of any sort ....

...this is what you want your clients, audience, followers, and life associates to say to themselves,

"I can do that!"

Threats, guilting, "pity those less than us", and other tactics of forceful manipulation:

  • only work temporarily -- if at all;
  • only instill a sense of rebellion of those subdued against the oppressors;
  • do not bring transformation;
  • do not instill self-esteem, self-respect, self-responsibility, or self-efficacy;
  • only teach others to do the same.

Consider yourself.

When do you do your personal best?

What promotes genuine transformation within you?

Where to begin?

Ask yourself what you can experiment with to get those around you to ask,

"How can I do that?"

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