Thursday, August 25, 2011



I expected this post to be on previous members of my family before an incident of homelessness -- Le Pounce, Sly, McTavish, Starlight, Athena, Why Not?, Wild Thing.  That will have to wait.

Today, I'm thrilled to find another piece of my life -- it too, a poignant one.

Along with an opportunity to listen to an author of a song that was a theme song for me when I was young, I get to troll memories I didn't realize I had.

Remember the song Windy?

Here is Ruthann Friedman, the song's author singing it:

Here's the Association singing it as a hit on the airwaves in '67.

And, yes I was an impressionable 13 years alive at that time, and I dreamt (or if you're a stickler, I fantasized) I was Windy.

Today, I am an impressionable 56 and 3/4 years alive -- and I have the rare opportunity of being in the audience at LAVA's Sunday Salon 8/11 this weekend to observe Ruthann Friedman.

Perhaps you have to be in my mind, to me it's a fully intriguing occurrence with the opportunity to re-incorporate my put-away and denied visions into my current life.

What brings that opportunity knocking at your door?

Do you choose to open the door?

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