Monday, August 22, 2011


Again, folks this post is for me ... however, you are welcome to eavesdrop. :)

It's also for the folks who are keeping track of me via my posting until I get all my e-mails sorted out -- which is on hold until I get a decent online backup provider.  Negotiations are currently in progress for that.

We all have times when it's necessary to get pieces of our lives back together.  For me, there is no better time than *now*.

Word up -- there is a forthcoming article for anyone interested in finding online storage.  As soon as I finish the altercation I'm having with one provider I'll be sharing that article, along with recommendations for potential online storage locations you may want to explore.

Back to the photo --

The pic shows one of my passions -- me onstage telling tales.  One of the many things I *like* to do.  My forte is mystical, fable, wizard/magic, and fantasy.  And, yes, I do tell others, just more rarely.

Yes, I look different.

I was wearing contact lenses which I had for most of my life.  Had to give 'em up when I became low-income and then homeless.

Contacts lenses are a huge expense.  Plus there's trying to get 'em in and out daily and keeping the store-bought chemicals along with other considerations -- glasses were more economical and easier to keep track of.  Now, it's been so long, I'd have to readjust to wearing them and the cost to get new contacts is hideous. ::grin::  So glasses it will continue to be.

My teeth were still in my head.  Changes the smile quite a bit. ::snort::

This photo is a fav of mine, so it's going up on this blog to let me find it in the future.

People keep asking me what I like to do -- this photo shows off one of my passions.  Busking is a part of that.

A lot of folks get a grin when I share with them that many moons (read decades) ago, when Pasadena had Busking Licenses -- I had one for storytelling and facepainting on the streets.  A busking license?  Don't you just go on the street and busk?

I don't know anymore -- at that time you didn't if you didn't want to be rousted in Pasadena.

As a homeless advocate it gives me thought to ponder -- do buskers today get rousted as panhandlers?  Is it something I could go back to?  I'll have to give that more thought.

In the meantime ... Crikey!


  1. And you shine in my life, oh brilliant woman of the green! Thank you for the feedback!


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