Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's in a label?


What are you aware of as you envision non-compliance?

What do you feel when you label something or someone as non-compliant?

If you say no to something are you non-compliant?

If someone says no to you are they non-compliant?

Are you a help care or service provider?

If someone says no to the help/service you want to provide, is that someone non-compliant?

What effect does your label of non-compliance have on the person you are labeling -- even if you do not say the label to their face?

Are you trying to persuade me to change?
Are you assuming you know what's best for me?
Are you criticizing, shaming, or blaming me to invoke change?
Are you labeling me?

Are you surprised I'm not changing?

Am I non-compliant?

May I offer you some hospitality? Would you consider exploring another viewpoint with me?

People Know When We Believe In Them

A Taste of Motivational Interviewing

How would life be different if we all had safe places to explore conflict and difficult realities?

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