Monday, August 22, 2011

Archive shots of my previous drums

There's no other way to label this and I have to get it onto my blog asap, as I don't want to lose these while I have the .jpgs in my hot little hand.

Thanks again to for the iPod which now miraculously records my voice -- something I NEVER could get it to do until two weeks ago -- and I've had it for -- well it'll be a year come November.  Ya gotta love electronics.

Thanks to my old computer for reviving as much as it has, it held the .jpgs.
Thanks to the folks who stored it for me while I was homeless, so that today I can rescue the ,jpgs  to make this slideshow.

Now, without further ado ... for my picture book:

Play well, mes amis.

This moment in time is our life and it is what we make it.

If you ever doubt that, listen to your heart.

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