Friday, March 2, 2012

What would help you get through this moment?

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I find it sometimes overwhelming to be on the listening end to so many people that are:

having difficulty getting disability benefits from “our social system” when they are disabled;

having difficulty getting housed;

having difficulty getting fed;

having difficulty being treated with respect, love and non-judgmental encouragement.

The overwhelm is not from listening, it's from my feelings of "what can I do?".

So this is a reminder to me, and perhaps encouragement to you …

What’s the most important thing in the world?

You.  (Look in the mirror and say it to yourself.)

Now consider the following:

I may not be able to help you with money. I don’t have room for you to sleep protected from the elements. I don’t have food to feed you.

And because I cannot directly ease your pain, I could see myself as helpless.

That would be a lie. [What would be even more of a lie is to perceive you as helpless. That is a communication of disrespect.]

For I can ask someone else if they know where you might find the money you need to get through this moment.

Yes, I can ask someone else if they have room, or I can refer you to others who may have knowledge of where you might reside for the night.

Certainly, I can let you know where a foodbank is, and I may even be lucky enough to know of a place that is serving a meal once a day in your area.

I am not helpless, and neither are you.

I feel overwhelmed at times.

And, I guarantee you, nearly everyone I meet feels overwhelmed in at least one aspect of their life, as well.

We are not alone.

There are many who still need to be educated into what it is to be human. We are not born with it. We learn from those around us.

What I can always do is help you find your voice — whether it’s written, spoken, gestured, or however you express.

You are not helpless. You may feel you have very little strength at the moment, and perhaps you feel you have little emotional fortitude. You are entitled to your feelings.

A truth is: you are valuable, regardless of what you are feeling.

What's your sword-in-the-stone?

What would help you get through this moment?

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