Friday, March 23, 2012

8 Simple Things You Can Do To #MakeADifference in the world, today.

In no specific order:

1)  Go smile at someone.  Anyone.  In fact ... do something drastic:  smile at EVERYone you see or think about today.

2)  Spread this thought:  "Nothing is so contagious as an example.  We never do great good or great evil without bringing about more of the same on the part of others."  Francois de La Rochefaucauld

3)  Peruse -- just look, you don't have to give anything.  Read about the many ways to Fund & Follow Creativity!

4)  Go spend some time exploring; pick a cause to donate a tweet a day.

5)  Consider this possibility:  "An entirely new system of thought is needed, a system based on attention to people, and not primarily attention to goods ..."   E. F. Schumacher

6)  Re-read Desiderata.  Ponder it.  Here's a few links to get you started: or or read what I find to be an interesting set of thoughts on it:

7)  Add your Vote today and once a day until the 28th of March here: to help my street peers and to give a chance to bring Robert's story to @YouTube's homepage by having it win a DoGooder award! 

8)  Breathe.

8a) Now ... take that a step further, whenever you are in a state of tension, anger or distress of any kind today, especially when you are kept waiting ... breathe and focus for a few moments only on your breathing.  The sound or silence of it.  The inbreath.  The exhale.  The slowness or fastness of it.  How many complete breaths you participate in during one minute.

Then return to whatever it is you are doing along with your breathing, letting your breath subside once again into the rhythm of your day.

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