Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't have orange 3D glasses?

In the midst of all the racket and row that contribute to the circumstances of our lives -- it is our heart vision that ultimately defines how we perceive things.

Yesterday was a chef d'oeuvre.

  • I was warm and dry due to a great colorful umbrella; the green storm boots and purple jacket I bought when I was homeless last year to keep me drier and healthier on the streets; and my usual ear muffs.

  • I complimented the bus driver when I got off the bus, thanking him for his excellent driving; his joie de vivre; and for getting me where I was headed on time.

  • I met up with a friend, for 2 hours of joy, delight, camaraderie, and the sharing of a movie experience (The Lorax 3D), and a genuine hug.

  • I got the added bonus of recognizing a message delivered in terms I could understand.  As well, in my heart-vision I re-connected with my personal desire to get messages across in fun and edutaining ways.

  • The bus ride back, again kept me dry and dropped me off across the street from my house.

Words alone do not explain the feelings, the moments and the AHA experiencing during this fateful 5 hours.  It was AWESOME, and I wouldn't trade it for another set of experiences.

The list of negatives that took place during this same time yesterday -- on a personal basis -- had I focused on them alone --  could have skewed things into depression, hopelessness and despair.

Shucks, for most of us, at times even one negative can be enough to slant the teeter-totter downward rather than upward.

I excitedly spewed out thoughts and phrases like, "Wow, what might happen if we could get all our activist and advocate friends to see this message?" and "Gosh! That message is so clear!  How can I make my messages that clear?" to my friend.

Actually, that last question I asked her is better revised, "How can I communicate the messages I have so that others feel the way I do (empowered) right now?"   Notwithstanding the fact that I whispered it excitedly during the movie, which ::grin:: could have been classified as a disturbance.

Life is not about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.  (quoted from an unknown source)

What you create depends on your perspective.

One of the things I've learned from a brilliant business person is not to get stuck in gravity. Hint: Check out the video. (My non-humble opinion? It's not just for business people, it's for everyday life!)

I must admit, I didn't get orange 3D glasses to see the Lorax, mine were just plain ol' everyday-ish 3D glasses at the theater.

Notwithstanding, it was part of a magnum opus covering 5 hours of my day.

What chef d'oeuvre are you creating today?

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