Friday, January 28, 2011

Teddy Oh Noes! And Today's Challenge 1/28/11

Watch out! She's getting dangerous! A blog and a vlog post together! Whoot! Look out world! ::grin::

So what's the big deal about my teddy hat?

First, it's the most important piece of clothing right now for keeping my ears and neck warm. Since a little toddler the cold has always been a pain, literally. Without ear muffs and neck warmer and gloves (all admirably provided by my teddy hat) I'm a miserable creature.

teddy hat is one piece and less to carry/lose than a separate hat, muffler, ear muffs, and gloves. In the vernacular of a homeless person that makes it priceless. Lightweight, one piece, easy to carry, easy to use.

Second, it's the ways and means of covering my eyes in the light of the winter shelter so I can sleep, particularly since I normally sleep during the dinner period and up until 1 or 2:am. The Armory never goes totally dark. That would be a disaster, with people tripping on other people's cots and such. There are night lights. Unless I'm dead to the world, which happens :), I need pure darkness for full sleep.

The point of this is, each of us are responsible for taking steps daily to take care of ourselves. For each person, those steps will be different.

More importantly, if you don't take care of yourself, you have nothing to offer anyone else should you choose to do so.

Finally -- it's my belief that a paradigm shift is necessary to light the way into dissolving homelessness and other social ills. Paradigm shifts are brought about one person at a time, showing and illustrating another way to live. I'm one of those people, and I take my advocacy to heart. So ... the challenge of the day for you:

What small step can you act on to take care of yourself today?

You deserve it.

As does everyone around you.

Peace out, mes amis.

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