Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Fit of Pique

Not everything is rosy. Nor does everything smell like a rose.

Are you aware the majority of your communication is non-verbal? It is, and the same is true for all of us ... humans.

Today, on the bus back into Glendale I was poignantly aware of how ashamed, and let's add for good measure angry I was to be a part of the human race.

I *know* that we learn from those around us, I know it's possible to re-learn and transform feelings and awareness.  It's my intent to share that with others by the way I live and make choices.

Yet, in spite of that, I still wind up getting my triggers activated. This morning on the bus was one of those times.

The tie-in? At least 15 people were exhibiting the same judging; applying of shame-for-being sentiments; projecting you-are-a-blight-on-our-world-how-dare-you; and the oh-woe-is-us-what-are-we-going-to-do-about-you set of behaviors I was inundated with in my tender growing years.

I hooked into it and barely contained my temper on the bus, including when one little old lady without using any words -- just holding her hand up to her nose in a highly dramatic gesture, stood up from her seat and motioned to me I should open the window next to me and join her in her non-verbal aggressiveness. I looked at her evenly, barely managed a smile and said, "What is it you're trying to say ma'am?"

Well, here, watch my non-verbal communication in this vid I shot immediately after getting off the bus so I could remember what it was I wanted to communicate.

No one is perfect. Least of all me. But I am capable of changing the world, one moment at a time.

I double-dog .... no, wait, I triple-dog dare you (as I do myself) to step back and take a look from another view (hopefully one at least 180 degrees from the one you standardly use) at the human interactions around you today.

You may choose to stay the same as you are. You may choose to change something. You may choose to tell me I'm off-my-rocker. You may choose any number of things.

You choose.

Each time we choose, we teach someone around us to choose as well.

What are we teaching today?

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