Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's the first day of January, 2011 on the Pacific Coast.  The weather at this moment is clear with some clouds expected today and cold.

A lot of folks spend time right about now making resolutions.  For me resolutions tend to emphasize what was or is wrong.  Nothing inherently unbalanced with that.   However, as I've done it every year since I knew of the tradition, I'm thinking ... why not try something new?

For 2011, I prefer to use a technique I've learned in group Stress Management sessions on Wellness Wednesdays at the shelter.

"What can I congratulate myself on?"

And while I'm doing that, I invite you to do it for yourself, in addition to whatever tradition you delight in for January 1, 2011.

I have gone from giving away everything (except for my puppets--which a friend still holds for me; and my dearly beloved Champion Juicer--which another friend still holds for me); being homeless, on GR & Food Stamps, and without enough cash to provide anything for myself ...

to ...

...being homeless with SSDI & enough cash to make small provisions for myself.

I congratulate myself for that.

I congratulate myself on having found the best therapist I've ever dealt with (I've dealt with many over my lifetime!) and going every Wednesday to be part of her 2 facilitated groups along with my individual session.

I congratulate myself on being social enough to have found a number of great communities on Twitter and FB.

I congratulate myself on opening my mouth and speaking, even if others don't want to hear what I have to say, or find what I have to say uncomfortable.

I congratulate myself on being self-response-able.

I congratulate myself on protecting myself emotionally, mentally, physically and in spirit.

I congratulate myself for getting up every morning and making it the best day ever, no matter my circumstances.

I congratulate myself for not being perfect.

::grin::  Now it's your turn ... what do you congratulate yourself for?  Leave a comment, I want to know!  ::large smile::

Happy 2011.


  1. awesome i like that I congratulate myself for overcoming my fear and putting myself out there to be hurt, loved, etc. just to be alive

  2. wow! i saw your blog link on FB "We are visible" & i am very impressed!! CONGRATULATIONS for being articulate, uplifting, inspiring, and VISIBLE! Today, i congratulate myself for never backing down from a challenge. When home was bad, i took on the challenge of homelessness. When homelessness was too much to bear, i was teachable & willing to grow until there was a new way. Today, i have learned there is nothing to fear . . . and GROWTH will come, no matter what, so i try to stay ready & willing to face it. Happy 2011!!!

  3. Thanks so much for being an inspiration to look at the new year in a more positive way...I congratulate myself on learning to say 'no' even if it's a little uncomfortable and saying 'yes' even if it's a little scary.


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