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Three Homes

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Positive Quote Wednesday - on Home

I've just spent quite a bit of time re-researching a brilliant piece of worded thought.

The re-research is due to the article disappearing from my collection on this last snafu with the lemon computer that crashed it's hard-drive for the fourth time at the end of 2012 (way more info than you needed ::grin:: ).

Now that I've re-found the article (in one of it's many forms), I'm asking you to read it. Consider it.  Ponder it.  Explore it.  And how you feel about it.

Ken Kraybill is someone I came across during one of the many important periods of my being a person experiencing homelessness.

My introduction to Ken was at a homeless services providers conference in LA, either shortly before becoming housed 2/2/11 or shortly after.  I was a fish out of water in the sense that, I was the only one there who went from the standpoint of being homeless and wanting to know how "the system" views me and my peers.  Those I hob-nobbed with were all service providers (individuals and/or organizations) that wanted to explore ways-and-means to deal with people like me.

That aside, as it's another tale, and a long one -- the important point of this post is to introduce you, or re-introduce you to the concept of Home.

Ken Kraybill has made an eloquent, coherent, and resonating statement regarding *home*.

I'd like you to have cognizance of it, before I go on to other posts that reverberate around the theme of home, homelessness, and people experiencing homelessness.

Please read this pdf from t3:

Three Homes

(side note:  Links to explore Ken Kraybill in case you are curious:
t3 (think, teach, transform)
 Homelessness Resource Center

If you want to end homelessness ... it's more than just rooflessness.

To understand me and the many other things I'm going to write in this blog, I want you to understand how I view homelessness.

For me homelessness begins and ends in the home of my being, then it extends into my being *roofed* or not-roofed, and then it extends further into the communities I find (or don't find) in the world.

To my peers and comrades in the movement to end the symptoms of experiencing homelessness ...

It is up to us, you and me, to illustrate to people how it is possible to challenge and change their viewpoints and thrive.

Are you at home with that concept?

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