Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank You For Ending Homelessness: part 1

My pace may not be that of others...
yet, it is what gets me...
I'm still writing 50K words on homelessness this month in my personal challenge to myself during NaNoWriMo 2012.

Today, that set of words took another path. Or road. Or train of thought. … Or whatever word you like to use for a stunning turnaround.

Over the last 8 days, I've been asking myself, “what do I want my world to know about homelessness?”

One of the primary answers is, “I want people to know … no, not just to know … to KNOW! To feel, to believe, to realize, to be aware we are all a part of making homelessness an issue of the past -- to end homelessness.”

“Okay, self … how can I do that?”

One of my parts replied, “Well, how the dickens do I know?”

Another part responded, “I don't have enough, power, money, influence, health, expertise, or anything else necessary to end it. No one will take me seriously.”

Another part said, “By sharing what worked for us." (reflecting upon all the parts of myself as if they were one whole, communicating, be-ing)

Another part tilted it's head to one side, partially closed one eye, with a moue that could have dropped Mick Jagger at 20 paces in his hey-day of pouting contests, and softly whispered, “Why don't you thank those who have helped us transform our homelessness – even if we are still in the process of finding a home mentally and emotionally?”

SHAZAAM!  "Thank you moue self," I said, "... that is exactly what we ... er I ... will do!"

It is after all the month of celebration of my birth, and the traditional gifts I give on my birthday are Thank Yous.

It is after all the month of traditional celebration in the Continental United States for celebration of Thanksgiving Day, and I am a citizen of said States.

It is after all each person in the world who will ultimately end homelessness. And those people in my world, whether they intended to or not, have given me the circumstances in which to ask my questions which are what is helping me end my homelessness on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spirit (no I'm not religious and I'm not gonna start now – spirit is not something the religious own); and on all the other levels of be-ing that people may not acknowledge because it does not fit their belief spectrum.

So … with sincere thanks, I begin a series of posts thanking people, animals, places, things, words, stories, and myriad other circumstances and incidents that have helped me end homelessness. 

This could take much longer than a month. ::grin:

So get set ...
Get ready ...

The following posts titled "Thank You For Ending Homelessness: _________" are ON!   (well, starting a bit later today, as I have to hobble to the library to return some books -- let's be honest, a lot of books.  30, unless I messed up my count.  I had a lot of research I was doing ::grin::)

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