Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank you

I feel stunned.  Wait, let me rephrase that ... I feel illuminated.

Thank you.

People have contributed to me getting the blood pressure unit -- and I've have had a moment of being speechless.

If you know me ... me being speechless in a public situation is something that happens rarely.

A friend of mine uses the phrase "wrecked" when something engages him beyond the pale emotionally.  I use the phrase "illuminated."

Each of us has a phrase to use.

I encourage you to not only find yours, but to use it whenever you get the chance.

I was illuminated when I went into ER a week ago Tuesday for presenting symptoms that could have been a heart attack or stroke.

I was illuminated when my EKG read nearly perfect, and my blood work did not bear out a coronary event at that moment.

I was illuminated when I recognized how high my blood pressure is skyrocketing and that I not only know techniques to reduce it, but that if I had a measuring device I could constantly track how those techniques are working.  This in turn would let me share with people valuable techniques they might want to explore in their lifestyles.

I was illuminated because a handful of people took the time and effort to be aware of me and that is something that has value beyond any coinage and any material object.

Awareness is a form of nourishment.

The human species -- like every other entity on earth, needs to be nourished.

Individually and in community.

Thank you for nourishing me.

I am very grateful.


  1. hiya RD! I did not know you had a serious health issue, but I'm happy you're on track to recovery. I hope to meet you sometime soon since we're both in the same area.

    please let me know if I can do anything for you. ima computer and internet guy, so there's bound to be sumfin I can do. I remember you also have a lot of computer experience, maybe we can work together on some of the projects I have going!

    anyway, stay passionate, and thank you for creating this blog (and your other one!).

  2. Mooch! Absolutely! Yes, I've had health issues for years. They were exacerbated by being homeless ::grin:: -- big surprise there, eh?

    We are close in proximity, and I am excited to ponder the possibilities of us working together. Particularly in light of the fact that #EmPower Connect is about getting all of us online. Computer and internet -- yes. DM me on Twitter so we can dialogue?

    ::snort:: This is my only blog, is my website. However, most folks nowadays are so used to blogs that the look of it does entice people to call it a blog. I LUV it!

    Waiting to hear from you!


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