Friday, June 10, 2011

#MakeADifference #changeYourMentality #changeYourWorld - Use Social Media

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Any crisis is a turning point. It is a moment where instability can be turned into balance. It is a moment where transition can be effected and views can be affected.

Community is where you and I learn about relationships and how to be human.

Listening is the one skill at everyone's beck and call that truly empowers in any situation.

Homelessness is a crisis.  Twitter is a community. #140conf is a place where listening and participating can rock your world.

My point?

Social media is responsible for the fact that I am no longer homeless.

That bears re-typing: I am NO longer homeless, and it is because of social media.

Less than a year ago, I would not have joined Twitter for love nor money.

I perceived it as a place where people talked about burping, farting and generally shared drivel I could not bring myself to be interested in.

I joined Twitter kicking and screaming because another then-homeless colleague (whom I met through this blog, which I started in desperation) told me, "You need to go to Twitter, there are people there who can guide you."

The things you'll try when all hope seems to fail.

Yet -- here I am.


Safely ensconced in a human community I never could have found without social media.  (Thank you Shelene Bryan and

Touting the benefits of (and training my comrades on the streets in the use of) social media. (Thank you @WeAreVisible and

Let me be more specific --> Twitter led me to @hardlynormal, who led me to #140confLA 2010, which re-opened my belief in humanity.

I, NOW, am housed because an organization saw me speak (via the internet) at the 2010 #140confLA.

I, NOW, am in a community of brilliant people:  thinkers, do-ers, inventive, creative, and great teachers.

When Jeff Pulver uses the phrase "explore the *State of NOW*" it has a poignant and very personally significant meaning to me.

I look forward to returning the favor to #140conf in the future.

Rock your world ... give yourself the gift of changing your life on June 15 and 16 in NYC.

I was homeless THEN.

I was communityless THEN.

I am housed and part of a great community in the state of ...

graphic copyright JaguarWoman licensed use

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