Saturday, October 2, 2010

Are you ready to act -- Now?

One observer calls it draconian (Neil Donovan).

Another observer calls it 'rats in lab experiment'.  (Tina Moore)

A third observer at wrote "New York Study Leaves 200 Struggling Families To Fend For Themselves As Experiment"

I've been able to read tweets from at least 4 of my cohorts who believe in, use and advocate the use of  Reprehensible was the mildest word amongst us.

If the perpetrators want factual data on a homebase model I can recommend they speak to people already using such models -- people such as Joel John Roberts and all the people at PATH, amongst others.

The last conversation I had on Twitter with folks I've met through, was me asking "Is there something we can do?"

We weren't sure.  

Now, I pro-offer this and take action upon it myself.  It's true, I haven't yet successfully found a home for myself, and I've done all I can at this moment in time.  So for this moment in time, for follow up in future moments I'm planning this, as well -- after all, I'm not the only one in the homeless milieu:

1)  Each one of us who has a blog, please put your opinion and request for action from your readers and followers into a current blog post, prior to the upcoming WorldWide Homeless Day Events on 10/10/10.

1a) Please share the link to your blog post with all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, digg, -- in short the entire social media milieu)

2) Please share the link to each of the three observational stories I mentioned at the start of this post, at least once today in your Twitterverse with a request to others to do the same, and use the #wearevisible tag in your tweet to join those of us taking action on this in one voice.

3) On 10/10/10 World Homeless Day especially, but any day this month, please post on all your social media your wish and intent to achieve change and make a difference in Homeless Issues.  If you have a Facebook Account, please like and post on the World Homeless Day FB page  (and visit their webpage:

4) Put your creativity caps on and come up with more ways we can act on this!

I have more to say on this issue and will be doing so in another post or three this weekend, and I will have researched more action steps you can take.

You are important.  What you do is important.

You can choose to take an action.

Will you do it now?


  1. Great ideas here! As soon as I get a moment for myself I'll be following suit!


  2. Hey, I'm sure you've seen this by now, but I'll post it anyway:

    Abe Oudshoorn

  3. Abe! Oh-my-gosh!

    I didn't see your comment until just now was unpublished! Fie on me!

    Thank you for the link!


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